Maasi laev  Eesti Meremuuseumi Lennusadama ekpositsioonis. Foto: Vello Mäss

Dear readers,

Renovatum ANNO 2015 presents the work of Estonian specialists, engaged in the field of preservation of museum-pieces. Keywords, already the fourteenth issue, are still the professional collaboration and information exchange. Beginning from this issue the journal will continue as an electronic publication that will guarantee a better and more extensive access to information about conservation and digitisation of cultural heritage.

Conservators are not only skilful masters. They are researchers, critical analysts of their activities, who share their experience and acquired information with colleagues, simultaneously searching for new ideas and know-how. Their work demands appreciation of the objects' condition, analysis of changes that have occurred in the materials and, whenever possible, considering methods that have been applied in restoration before. Thus the preservation of cultural heritage is not merely 'mechanical' conservation and restoration but it is work which prerogative is a thorough research and methodical analysis based on every specific object.

Today digitisation has become an inseparable part of preservation and conservation. The high-quality processing and maintaining of objects with info-technological means has long-term targets and considers demands preservation and continued use of heritage is faced with. Owing to digitization our museum collections are becoming more and more accessible for the public.

The exciting and current topics just mentioned will open for you in our journal. Have a good time when reading them! 

The editorial board of the Renovatum ANNO would like to thank all the authors and partners.