The family tree of the KANUT Centre

Anno 2017/2018
Kanuti perepuu

Kanuti perepuu

© 2017 Jolana Laidma; Jaanus Heinla; Heige Peets

The family tree of the KANUT Centre offers a survey of our specialists working here at different times (from 1 December 1986 – 1 December 2016).

14 professional specialists started working at the National Restoration Centre affiliated to the Estonian Art Museum. Endel Valk-Falk, a leatherwork artist, a researcher of the history of bindings and conservator of leatherwork, at that time the head of the museum’s conservation department was appointed the director of the new establishment. The above-mentioned specialists came from three different memory institutions – furniture conservators Mati Raal and Jaanus Heinla, painting and polychrome conservators Henno Tigane, Julia Gens and Leena Kukina, ceramics conservator Made Evalo, photographer and graphic artist Lembit Lõhmus and chemist-textile conservator Heige Peets all came from the Estonian Art Museum. Textile conservator Merike Neidorp, painting conservator Marika Mängel and metal conservator Helmut Välja came from the Estonian Open Air Museum and paper conservator Vilja Sillamaa and binding conservator Reet Brido had been working at the Estonian National Library.

The number of conservators began to increase every next year and new job titles and posts – the chief curator, an art historian, a physicist, a biologist, an accountant and economic manager were included. The job descriptions, activities and the structure of the establishment have been changing throughout the past years and that is why some of the names occur on several branches of our family tree simultaneously.